Who the hell are we?


Imago Amens is a project born in 2017 from the minds of Frida Ghiozzi and Hefrem Avagnina, dedicated for over 10 years to the art of tattooing at their studio in Turin.

Frida is pursuing the sinuous shadows of the unconscious and dreams, reconnecting them to ancient, lunar and occult scenarios, while Hefrem proposes a personal vision of subjects from the Far East, Japan in particular, with all its creatures, masks, themes and wonders.

Imago Amens is a way to expand their artistic horizons presenting their works created and matured over the years, in parallel with their profession as tattoo artists.

This site, offers an important selection of articles, unique in their kind, of various types.

From clothing, drawings, paintings to real handmade.

In addition to the Imago Amens project, other talented artists collaborate, such as the tattoo artist Sara Bonadè Bottino and Cristina Accettulli, founder of Crisiplastica.

We decided to attribute to this project the adjective "visionary" approaching it to the definition:

Existing only in a vision or in the imagination.

Our mission is to enter into your minds, your homes or your studios, to evoke in you that part of imagination and curiosity that could inspire you.